IT Showcase

The IT Showcase is an advanced technology forum where high school students from across the UAE various areas demonstrate their research and theories in the field of Information Technology to peers, university students, academics, and industry experts. The Showcase is a daylong event, which will run in conjunction with the IT Marathon and is open to all UAE High School students. Students from visiting schools are strongly encouraged to consider the quality and complexity of their projects on a wide range of IT relevant areas and topics that might include (but not limited to): technology for education, intelligent technologies (i.e., smart toys, machine learning, and genetic algorithms), wearable computing, web technologies, networking, communications, cloud computing, parallel computing, computing curricula, as well as the role of IT in everyday professions. A panel of professional judges will evaluate each project at the event day and accordingly select the top best three projects. Three prizes (first, second, and third place) will be awarded. The winners of the IT Showcase will receive a trophy (for the top winning team), medals and valuable prizes.

In addition to the regular prizes that are provided to the top projects in ALL IT related area, this year, IT Showcase is including an additional prize, which will be awarded to a qualified project that reflects the theme of " IT Innovation in Education".

Showcase competition rules 

  • The IT Showcase is restricted to UAE based high school students (grades 10 -12) only.

  • Each team may participate with 3 students maximum.

  • Only one team per school is allowed to register.

  • Upon registration by the team’s instructor, each team has to submit via an email to an abstract of the project that should include the following: brief overview of the project, the platform on which project has been developed and the application domain. The subject title of the email should be "ITShowcase"

  • Send  by ( April 13, 2017) a 5 minutes video demonstrating a fully working demo of the project.

  • Use DropBox to upload your Video and send by email to ( the link from which we can download the video.

  • Project will go through an initial evaluation and pre-screening by judges before inviting them to the competition. Judges may decide to not allow a project to participate in the final contest. All selected projects will be notified by email, and also disqualified projects will receive an evaluation report. This notification will be sent by April 19, 2017.

  • Team should respect the deadline in submitting the project video, and any delay in submitting this file will disqualify them from the competition.

  • Names of participants as well as the school name have to be clearly specified on the registration form along with the project supervisor name(s).

  • Names of participants entered in the Registration forms shall be considered final and no changes are allowed thereafter.

  • Registered projects shall be original, novel and inventive.

  • Only new projects will be accepted. Projects submitted in the previous IT Marathon competitions will be disallowed and  rejected.

  • Each team is required to develop and accordingly present a project poster in English (or Arabic). The project poster shall outline the main focus of the project as well as the main contribution. The poster dimensions shall not exceed the A0 dimensions (841mm x 1189mm). Each team will be provided with only one stand.

  • The projects would be on display for general public and at least one member of a team is required to be there at all times during exhibition to explain their project to the public.

  • Each project team will present an overview of their project for a maximum of 10 minutes. This presentation must address two areas: (1) a detail description of the project, and (2) a fully working demo.

  • All accessories including computers, monitors, mouse, keyboard, etc. have to be arranged by the participants themselves. The CIT will not be held responsible for the damage to any of the teams’ belongings. 

Showcase Criteria

  • All projects must be IT related. Projects need to be sufficiently complex to demonstrate most of the development lifecycle phases, either software or hardware. Projects  relying on ready-made packages and APIs (e.g. Lego) will not have chances to win an award, if members do not demonstrate real implementation.

  • Projects must demonstrate new ideas developed by the participants.

  • The showcase must demonstrate a functional prototype or working product or demo.

Judging Rules

  • A group of judges (maximum 3) will be assigned for every project. Each assigned judge will evaluate each project independently. A period of 5 minutes at most is allocated for each project.

  • Participants are required to be available at the time of evaluation. Failure in appearing before the judge at the time of evaluation will automatically disqualify the project from the competition.

  • The decision of the judges will be final (not open for teams) and cannot be challenged.

  • The IT Showcase committee reserves the right to disqualify any participant who fails to adhere to the above-mentioned rules. 

Judging criteria

Criteria Evaluation


Assessment Aspect




Novelty of the idea, innovation and creativity.

  • Answer the need or problem.
  • Exhibit creativity and innovation.




Design aspects and impacts of idea

  • Appropriateness and completeness of the design.
  • User-friendly interface.




Intended functionalities (does it work completely?)

  • Prototype demonstrates the intended design.
  • Testing functionalities.




Demonstration of technical skills

  • Degree of independence.
  • Demonstrate programming skills.




Project poster and presentation

  • Clear, concise responses to questions.
  • Logical organization of material.
  • Clarity of graphics and legends.







Jan 10, 2017