IT Marathon 2017 Events

IT Marathon 2016 will be held at the College of Information Technology, United Arab Emirates University, Al Ain on Thursday, April 27, 2017.

IT Marathon comprises two competitions: a knowledge contest and information Technology related projects show challenge. In both categories, the top three winners will be awarded prizes and recognition medals.

IT Contest

The 2016 IT Marathon Contest challenges participants' basic knowledge in wide areas of IT, including: simple programming, Illustration using Graphics and Web Design, and general computer knowledge. The IT competition is made up of 4 sub competitions:

  • Simple Programming

  • Graphic Illustration

  • Web Design

  • General Computer Knowledge

The competition is divided into two sessions. During the first session, each team will be given a set of problems related to Simple Programming, Web Design, and Graphical Illustration. Teams can work on any problem at any time during the session. During the second session each team will be given questions on General Computer Knowledge. A team of judges will evaluate and assign relevant grades for each sub-competition separately. The grades of sub-competitions contribute to the final grade in equal weight. The top three teams with high scores will be declared as the competition winners and hence awarded medals and prizes.

IT Showcase

IT Showcase is a unique opportunity for students to display their school IT projects to peers, university students and academics, and industry experts. IT Show provides walkways of a range of IT Exhibits from high-school students to unleash the most comprehensive range of creative displays. Top three student projects qualify to the Finals stage. A judging team of high school teachers, industry experts and university academics selects the potential finalist projects. Selected teams are required to present to the audience and answer any relevant questions accordingly. The best project will be selected according to the IT judging criteria.


For many years, you might have been among those kids who enjoyed computer and video games. Have you ever dreamt of designing and developing your own game? A game in which you inject your own imagination, put your own rules, and have your own heroic characters? Through IT4Kids category of the IT Marathon, this dream may come true. By some self-studying and investigation, you can develop your own programs and games using one of the easiest visual programming languages, called Scratch. It is akin to the Lego games that you used to play during your childhood, and therefore, all what you need to succeed is a good logic backed up with simple math. This year we will also accept projects developed with Microsoft touchdevelop .

IT4Kids “Smart World”

This competition focuses on encouraging students of the same age category as the IT4Kids to think creatively and foster originality towards building mobile application for a smarter world. The “My dream mobile app that doesn’t exist” motto of the “Smart World” competition inspires students to come up with original, innovative and novel ideas for mobile applications that have the potential to enhance our world in various possible domains. Implementation is not required for this category.


Every child and every young adult has the right to enjoy the fun of competing, expressing ideas and consequently and confronting various IT challenges. The IT4SpecialNeeds, in the annual IT Marathon, is a competition where students with special needs can experience the environment to exercise this right. IT4Special Needs offers the opportunities to show the ability of students with special needs to contribute to the IT field with new ideas, software tools, IT equipment, etc. Two categories of participation are to be considered;

  • ITShowcase4SpecialNeeds and
  • IT4SpecialNeeds kids.  

The ITShowcase4SpecialNeeds aims at giving the opportunity to the students to show and present their IT projects. An IT project can be software or hardware product developed with any tools.

The IT4SpecialNeeds kids will be an opportunity to allow students to present their projects developed using the scratch tools. In both categories, projects that help people with disabilities in their everyday lives will be highly ranked. 


Jan 10, 2017