Robotics Field Changing the World


Speaker: Dr. Fady S. Alnajjar, PhD., Assistant Professor, College of IT, UAEU

Technology is not only an application of scientific research; it is also a stimulus to revise and broaden our knowledge, improving our scientific models and updating methods. Recently, most of the classical fields of research, including the medical sciences, the social sciences, agriculture, economy and even finance progress slowly or do not progress at all when, working in isolation, they reach the intrinsic limits of their disciplinary development. In order to innovate these fields and produce significant transitions in their paradigms, it is indispensable that they communicate with one another, speaking the universal language of technology. Robotics, artificial intelligence, and information technology, can fecundate the methodology of basic research with the scientific and technological findings obtained through applied and translational research projects. My talk will be about various applications that prove how IT and AI, in collaboration with various research disciplines, can inspire new theoretical models, revolutionary practices, and groundbreaking ideas.

Feb 13, 2017